STUNEX History

STUNEX is a Swiss Consulting Services Company specialized in Tunnelling and Underground Works with special focus on Trenchless Technology. Based on several years of experience in Industry we have linked ourselves with leading Swiss and International experts and partners.

We build up a leading group of specialized engineers and associated experts who merge their expertise to provide a high quality comprehensive specialist engineering services in tunnelling and underground works.

We together with our partners had been successful in delivering exceptional solutions for various tunneling and underground projects.

STUNEX had also been engaged in carrying out studies based on latest research relevant to our expertise that benefited our wide range of clients.

Training forms an integral part of our project deliverance. Hence we had been proud in connecting our clients with our cooperating organizations to keep them aligned with latest industry trends, standards and practices.

Founder’s decades of experience and 12000 business contacts including various Municipalities, Authorities, Consultants, Contractors, Manufacturers and Academics had enabled STUNEX to be an independent company.